Steam-RX Boiler Water Treatment

Steam-RX protects components and surfaces to extend boiler system life. This complete steam boiler water treatment product prevents rust and corrosion, as well as the formation of scale. 


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 13092 (55 GL)
  • 13093 (30 GL)
  • 13094 (15 GL)
  • 9855 (5 GL)

Appropriate Uses

  • Metal
  • Boilers

Typical Applications

Steam-RX - Boiler Water Treatment

Steam-RX is a specialty steam boiler treatment governed under FDA-CFR-21 requirements and approved for use in facilities such as hospitals and food processing plants. Steam-RX is an optimal blend of Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Hydroxide, Polyacrylic Acid-based polymerics, PolyMaleic Acid-based polymerics, EDTA and Polyethylene Glycol in a water base. Steam-RX is most effective when make up water hardness is consistently high or deposits already exist in the boiler. It can be applied at slightly higher dosage rates for on-line, long term clean up of existing deposits.
Steam-RX is typically used for steam boilers with hard water make up in applications to low pressure boilers of 600 psi or less. Steam-RX is an accepted boiler water treatment for steam-processing boilers in federally inspected food processing plants, as well as hospitals and other FDA-governed facilities. Not for use in aluminum boilers or chillers.
  • Meets FDA-CFR-21 requirements 
  • Corrects hard water problems for a better operating boiler
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion formation
  • Controls corrosive effects of dissolved oxygen such as pitting, perforations and pin holes
  • Suspends solids in a non-adherent sludge for easy removal during blowdown
  • Anti-foam additive controls foaming and frothing
  • Compatible for use with other steam line, oxygen scavenging or dispersing products 

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