Kare Battery Cleaner and Protector

Cleans batteries to provide proper current flow and prolong battery life. This special formula enables you to easily detect the presence of acid and neutralize it.


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  • 349 (12 Aerosol/Case)

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Kare - Acid Indicator & Battery Cleaner and Protector

Kare is a highly unique and useful battery cleaner that adds protection for easy maintenance all year long. This yellow product turns red when sprayed on battery acid. With Kare, you know where the acid is and when it is completely neutralized.
  • Cleans batteries fast and completely
  • Provides residual corrosion performance
  • Assures maximum battery protection
  • Prolongs battery service life
  • Provides proper current flow
  • Eliminates and detects power leaks
  • Cleans battery terminals and cables

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