Kutzit - Liquid Cutting and Tapping Oil

RTU cutting oil with special extreme pressure additives to extend tool life and increased production. Provides high performance lubrication required for use with high carbon steels, stainless and other hard alloys as well as free machining steels.


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  • 3734 (5 GL)

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Kutzit - Cutting and Tapping Oil

Kutzit is a ready-to-use cutting oil formulated with a unique blend of lubricants and special sulfo-chlorinated extreme pressure additives to make it ideal for machining, tapping, boring and thread cutting operations. It readily clings to the cutting bit to provide excellent residual lubrication and rapid heat removal, extending the working life of tools and equipment. It also provides better workpiece visibility and protects against rust. It works on all metals including ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic metals. 
Clings where you want it!
  • Available in handy aerosol can designed to ease the work of cutting and tapping or Bulk packaging for larger jobs
  • Clings to the cutting bit to give better lubrication and heat dissipation that extends tool life
  • Use Kutzit on carbon steels, stainless and other hard alloys as well as free machinery stocks 
  • Cleaner cuts, smoother finishes & cooler tool temps
  • Uses less energy and increases production
  • More drill insertions

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