Armadillo Quarts (Dozen)


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Like new shine, armor-like protection.

Armadillo’s revolutionary formula penetrates, cleans, conditions, beautifies and protects vinyl, rubber, leather and more. Armadillo protects from sunlight, waterproofs surfaces and leaves a clean, glossy, long-lasting finish.


RUBBER, VINYL, LEATHER & FORMICA:  Inhibits fading, cracking, and hardening while restoring pliability and luster. Restores original appearance and preserves surfaces for longer wear.

STAINLESS STEEL & ALUMINUM: Protects against discoloration and surface pitting and blemishing. Not for use on glass.

VEHICLE RESTORATION: Works on vinyl roofs, tires, hoses, leather, vinyl seats and paint. Unlike petroleum based products, Armadillo leaves a non-slip, protective finish that will not dry out interior surfaces.

VARNISHED OR SEALED WOOD: Armadillo restores, brightens, preserves and seals the finish.

PAINTED SURFACES: Restores and brightens color, waterproofs and rust proofs. It is ideal for baked-on painted partitions in shower rooms, toilet and urinal stall partitions. Armadillo blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays, dirt, oxides, and acid vapors. Absorbs and neutralizes ozone, making it a superior protective coating for outdoor as well.

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