C.I.A. (Dozen)

Complete Insect Annihilator

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Excellent contact kill and flushing action drives out hidden bugs and kills them fast.

C.I.A. is dual-purpose, extremely versatile broad spectrum insecticide capable of controlling both crawling and flying insects in commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential environments. C.I.A. contains a water-based combination of natural and synthetic pyrethrins to provide flushing action and a fast knockdown. C.I.A.’s exceptional performance and up to 3-month residual activity is perfect for space spraying, crack/crevice spraying and wide area treatment.

ONE SPRAY OF C.I.A. KILLS:  Ants • Bees • Beetles • Centipedes • Cockroaches • Crickets • Earwigs • Fleas • Millipedes • Moths • Pillbugs • Scorpions • Silverfish • Sowbugs • Spiders • Ticks • Wasps • and more

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