Floating Lift Station Cleaner

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Chemically scrubs the well walls in lift stations so you don’t have to.Citra-Float combines all natural Rid-O-Grease with the solvents found in Lift-Float to provide optimum odor elimination and grease and slime liquefaction in your lift station. Citra-Float blankets the water in lift stations so as the water level rises and falls, grease, oil and odor-causing scum cannot adhere to the well walls. It chemically scrubs the walls and mechanisms along with the normal agitation of the lift station’s operation.Citra-Float is non-freezing even in arctic conditions. It is also an excellent solvent degreaser for use on grease throughout your plant. It cleans grease in clarifiers, primary tanks, secondary tanks, digesters and even in grease traps.EFFECTIVE AGAINST:  Floating Grease Balls • Heavy Oil Accumulation • Annoying OdorsUSE:  The average lift station requires 1 to 1-1/2 gallons of Citra-Float for each square foot of wastewater surface to make a 2 inch blanket. Add 1 to 3 gallons weekly to replenish the floating blanket. Use drip box to continuously feed Citra-Float and weekly trips become unnecessary.

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