MAD Make A Drum (Kit & Refill)

“Scrub-Free” Immersion Formula

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Mighty Boy M.A.D. (Makes A Drum) is a super concentrated product that can be diluted to fit light to heavy duty degreasing needs. Simply mix Components A & B in the provided drum and dilute with your own water. We also supply a mixing station so you can customize the product strength to your application.

Mighty Boy M.A.D. softens greasy and grimy soils for easy removal from equipment, machinery, vehicles, appliances, floors, walls, and parts. This versatile product can clean virtually any hard surface, making it a staple in the shop.

Economical & Versatile

  • Less than 1¢ per square yard when diluted in an auto scrubber for cleaning floors
  • Less than $2 a bus to remove road film with a pressure washer


  • 95% active ingredients, use your own water
  • Never dispose of another drum again – saves time, cost and  space in landfills
  • No hazardous waste disposal


  • Automated dispensing system eliminates human error, provides consistency, and controls costs
  • One box replaces a 55-gallon drum which saves space and improves sustainability in your plant

USE ON: Cars, Buses, Trucks, Fleets, Trash Haulers, Factory Machinery, Assembly Lines, Construction Equipment, Burners, Blowers & Compressors, HVAC Ducts, Fins & Coils, Kitchen Appliances, Concrete Floors & Walls

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