Net Result (Dozen)

Air Conditioning Drain Pan Slime Preventative

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Microbiocide for commercial and industrial A/C drip pans, computer room equipment, refrigerated vending machines, swamp coolers, display cases and cold storage walk-ins.

Net Result produces a continuous release of an active ingredient that controls the fouling and inhibits the growth of slime forming and odor causing bacteria. Net Result’s constant dose of microbiocide, odor neutralizers, corrosion and scale inhibitors assures you around-the-clock results.

  • Provides effective control of Legionnaires Disease
  • Unique net packaging shows how much product remains
  • pH 7-Neutral = non-corrosive to metallic surfaces
  • Easy to install: nothing to unwrap, nothing to unravel
  • Designed for flat placement in hard-to-reach condensation pans
  • Contains no foam-causing detergent so it will not clog
  • Keeps drains and pans clear for approximately 3-4 months
  • Protects pan and piping against corrosive buildup, odor and slime

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