Absorbit Odor Neutralizing Absorbent

An advanced multi-compound fiber absorbent with powerful odor neutralizers. Its super absorbent fibers work on contact soaking up vomit and other odorous liquids. Absorbit also neutralizes odors quickly and leaves a pleasant cherry smell.


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Absorbit - Odor Neutralizing Vomit Absorbent

Absorbit is an advanced formula odor control absorbent made from mineral, vegetable, and cellulose fiber impregnated with odor-controlling chemicals. Absorbit is safe and will not stain, smear, or harm floors, carpeting, or upholstery. Absorbit is effective at absorbing vomit and odorous liquids quickly and works well as a deodorizer in garbage cans, surgical dressing, or sanitary napkin receptacles, etc., or as an air freshening sweeping compound.

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