Bacto-Matic System 24-Hour Malodor Counteractant

24 hour highly concentrated bacteria formulation.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 445 (6/Case)
  • 446 (Orange - 6/Case)

Appropriate Uses

  • Urinals
  • Drains

Typical Applications

Bacto-Matic and Orange Delight - Malodor Counteractant and Drain Cleaner

This very effective system is just like having another person on the staff that works 24 hours a day dispensing solutions specifically formulated to meet your needs at consistent automatic intervals. This product is practically maintenance free. Simply add one of the O-Matic System’s refills approximately every other month. The O-Matic Dispenser tells you when it is time to change refills. The O-Matic System is easily installed and will run for years compounding your savings.
  • Patented state-of-the-art technological electronic timing mechanism that ensures quiet, long lasting life
  • Fashionable cabinet design is easy to clean and maintain with a keyless lockable feature
  • Two alkaline batteries will last an entire year in the dispenser
  • Indicator lights keep you alert of proper functioning and battery life
  • Light/Heavy selector switch allows you to adjust for abnormal odor problems and heavy traffic areas

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