Account Executive - Greater St. Louis Area, MO  

Full-time · Director

Our superior line of proprietary industrial products have been integral to the success of maintenance operations in thousands of businesses for more than 55 years. To ensure our commitment of providing incredible products and exceptional service, we have designed Field Sales, Account Executive positions with career trajectory and enjoyment of the day-to-day challenges at the forefront of our overall approach. It is our goal to hire and retain the most talented professionals to support customers with the highest levels of satisfaction.  

Salary, commissions weekly & bonuses monthly and annually, complete robust package of top tier benefits & W-2 status. First year earnings will be $55,000 to $65,000 in salary, commissions and milestone bonuses. More than half of our sales team earns over $100,000 in the fourth or fifth year and love their jobs and the freedom and flexibility of running their own territory.  

At Continental Research we enable our Field Sales Account Executives with the newest sales tools, real time information, remarkable products, field training, and virtual & classroom training.  

  1. Our representatives are provided with a technology package; iPad with a dynamic and proprietary CRM to access accurate historical data and online order entry to streamline operations and make your job easier.
  2. There will always be some promotional opportunities available that will help you close sales and build the bond of relationship between you and the customers. 
  3. In addition to powerful selling tools, our sales force is supported by a dynamic marketing team and robust website that provides qualified lead generation. 
  4. We believe that professional social media is essential and with your participation, to build a pool of the correct followers who will tie you to all of the correct connection of qualified prospects that nobody else will find.  
  5. A home office team that is standing behind you to help facilitate our proven sales, distribution and business processes.  
  6. A strong starting income, professional growth, and being provided with unique opportunities is the foundation of the Field Sales Account Manager that Continental Research is enthusiastically looking to fill with the best and brightest.  


Best self. Empowerment is up to you. It cannot be granted it must be self-actualized.  
The main thing. Keeping the main thing the main thing is the main thing!  
Have a written plan. Software, templates, workbooks, courses, pad & pen… It’s only a plan when you write it down. 
Know what to do. If there isn’t a policy, process or standard doesn’t mean there isn’t a right way to do things. Think, communicate and collaborate; then act. 
Figures do not lie. Estimates & feelings are imprecise yardsticks. Prove it, then it’s a thing. 
There is always a way. It is never more of what you are doing. Advance with though, express ideas, develop mentors and be better tomorrow. 
Work, play & fight fair. If we don’t agree, consent to respect, consider, and have dealings with integrity. 
No horseplay! Professionals don’t do it at work. Parameters are wide to meet customer demands. Policies exist and are the rules & standards of business conduct. 
It’s already tomorrow. Honor the past, learn from it and choose today’s news.  
Focus on the IMPORTANT, manage the URGENT. Expect upsets in business. Don’t spend excessive time putting out fires. Create enough opportunity so bumps in the road do not escalate into poor decision making. Emergencies will be properly prioritized.
Never betray loyalty unless integrity is at stake. Be honorable. 
Leave the campground in better shape than you found it. Build a legacy. 


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