Dumpster Magic Granular Odor Neutralizer

Easy and effective! Dumpster Magic consists of innovative, lightweight spheres made from post-consumer minerals, featuring cutting-edge deodorizing tech for lasting relief against stubborn dumpster odors.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 48075 (4x1 - 2.5 LBS)

Appropriate Uses

  • Dumpsters
  • Trash Chutes

Typical Applications

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Dumpster Magic - Granular Odor Neutralizer

Dumpster Magic transforms post-consumer waste into granular mineral spheres, embedding them with a proprietary odor neutralizing technology. These spheres provide immediate results and release a secondary scent boost upon contact with liquids, making them ideal for dumpsters and trash removal vehicles. Elevate your waste disposal with Dumpster Magic — where sustainability meets superior odor control.

Features & Benefits:

Eco-Friendly Composition:
Crafted from repurposed waste, Dumpster Magic contributes to a circular economy while offering effective odor control.

Triple Action Performance:
Immediate Odor Neutralization: Releases essential oil for swift odor control.
Water-Soluble Odor Neutralizer: Reacts to liquids like leachate for enhanced effectiveness.
Highly Porous Absorption: Absorbs 21% of its weight in 24 hours and over 100% in 7 days, surpassing traditional clay litter treatments.

Structural Integrity:
Unlike traditional options, Dumpster Magic maintains form, never becoming wet mush or adhering to bins.

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