Extra Care Instant Hand Sanitizer

ExtraCare Hand Sanitizer Gel instantly sanitizes hands without water or towels. The special blend of emollients and ethyl alcohol leaves hands sanitized, smooth and 99.9% germ free with a fresh citrus fragrance.


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  • Hands

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Extra Care - Instant Hand Sanitizer

Hands touch surfaces and items already contaminated with germs and bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the best defense against spreading germs is frequent hand washing. Soap and water may not always be available, but Extra Care can always be there when needed.
  • Pleasant-scented, quick-drying gel
  • Unique blend of ethyl alcohol and emollients that kills germs and conditions hands, even with repeated use
  • No rinsing required
  • Never feels greasy or sticky
8 oz.  Handy Pump
Extra Care 8 oz. Pump is ideal for desk tops, work stations, and personal or shared public places. It will help reduce the transfer of germs in offices, manufacturing plants, food service plants, daycare centers and more. 
1 gal.  Super Size Jug
Extra Care 1 Gallon is super-sized for public settings such as bathrooms, cafeterias, warehouses, and more in schools, hospitals, health care facilities, automotive shops, manufacturing and processing plants.

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