Grease Boss - Cleaner Kitchen and Commissary Cleaner

Eliminate grease and odors on your surfaces while leaving a fresh fragrance behind after each use. Plant based, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for the environment.


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Grease Boss - Kitchen and Commissary Cleaner

Grease Boss HD Cleaner is perfect for degreasing kitchens, cafeterias, and commissaries. Grease Boss has no surfactants or petroleum solvents. It works by encapsulating grease molecules and holding them in a solution that can easily be mopped, wiped, and rinsed away after. Mild agitation may be required on some surfaces. Let dwell on surfaces before removal.
Unique solutions to breakdown F.O.G.
Native bacteria in systems currently operating without this special encapsulation technology are not yet effective against complex molecule structures.
Once the encapsulation technology is introduced, a protected environment (similar to a bubble) is formed where fractionalization starts the process of breaking down complex molecular structures to smaller ones. This allows the native bacteria to eliminate organics more effectively (see the blue circle in the image).
The native bacteria will consume the proprietary bio-stimulant and consume the broken-down complex molecules more effectively.
Encapsulated by the product’s design, a perfectly protected ecosystem is created using our simplified solution. This allows the stimulated native bacteria to thrive, while eliminating F.O.G’s resulting in the release of CO2 and H2O.

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