Mighty Boy Power Spray RTU (Dozen)

Ready-To-Use Super Strength Degreaser

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Mighty Boy Power Spray RTU is a multi-purpose degreaser that is incredibly strong yet safe for the user and the surface. It will battle the heaviest of greases, grime, and sludge. 

Effective Against Heavy Duty Dirt & Grime.So strong it removes heavy dirt, grease, grime, oil, scuffs, food deposits, adhesives, stains and soils.

Incredible Zero NFPA® Ratings.Zero rating in categories of flammability, health & reactivity.

Leaves a Fresh Pleasant Scent.  Surfaces left smelling as clean as they are.

Before using on fiberglass, rubber, and other softer surfaces test for compatibility.

WORKS GREAT ON: Factories & Manufacturers Warehouses • Industrial Plants • Airports • Military Bases • Mechanic Shops • Automotive Garages • Bus Barns • Public Works • Food Processing Plants • Commercial Kitchens • School Maintenance Dept. • Hospitals • Fire Departments

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