Sewer Max Sewer and Drain Opener

Sewer Max is a ready-to-use sewer and drain line opener. Chemical agitation loosens and breaks up blockages restoring full flow capacity and efficiency.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 42595 (50 LB)

Appropriate Uses

  • Sewer Lines
  • Lift Stations

Typical Applications

Sewer Max - High Heat Sewer and Drain Opener

Sewer Max is an alkaline granular compound that dissolves greasy deposits, hair, vegetables and other high cellulose materials that block normal water flow in sewer systems and drains. Sewer Max’s combination of a powerful chemical solvent and high quality aluminum chips reacts with water to create maximum heat, turbulence and pressure.
Other drain openers may generate heat, but they cool down quickly allowing grease and sludge to re-solidify. The powerful chemical solvent is amplified by its catalytic and penetrating action. The aluminum chips absorb and distribute heat evenly, combined with the chemical solvent make Sewer Max effectively last longer and farther down the drain line.
  • Ready to use, granular, dust-free, high heat formula
  • Chemical agitation loosens and breaks up blockages of waste solids
  • Emulsifies and dissolves greases, leaves, oil, rags, paper, hair and other organic material
  • Restores full flow capacity and efficiency
  • Harmless and non-corroding to sewer lines
  • Will not cake or harden in line
  • Color-coded for tracing
Sewer Max is excellent for preventative maintenance. Purge blockages that are already forming with a shovel or two of Sewer Max down each manhole monthly. It is color coded for fast, convenient tracing throughout the sewer system. 
Sewer Max is particularly effective for cleaning drainage systems in food processing and meat packing plants where accumulations of organic matter can clog drains and produce strong, unpleasant odors. 

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