Stop Leak Emergency Roof Patch

Natural mineral compound that expands into a gel instantly, upon contact with water, to make a temporary, leak-proof seal.


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Stop Leak - Emergency Roof Patch

It’s never convenient to make permanent roof repairs during bad weather. But a leaky roof can cause costly water damage to buildings, property and equipment. There’s an easy, convenient solution: Stop Leak Emergency Roof Repair.
Stop Leak is a natural mineral compound that expands into a gel instantly upon contact with water. It makes a temporary, leak-proof seal on flat roofs until permanent repairs can be made. Stop Leak can be applied in foul weather, including pouring rain, and will penetrate standing water to stop leaks in minutes. 
  • Emergency roof repair in minutes
  • Follows the water flow to seek out and plug the leak
  • Use on any flat roof - asphalt, tar or rubber
  • Use as a circular dam to create a dry area
  • Protects buildings and equipment from water damage
  • Covers approximately 50 sq. ft. per pail
  • Easy application - no mixing or equipment required
  • Safe - non-polluting, non-combustible and contains no solvents

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