The Enforcer Phosphoric Acid De-Scaler

Dissolves and washes away scale, lime, rust, and grime from the coils and fins of cooling units and air conditioners. Ideal for removing build-up without harming ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Effective against rust and oxidation.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 10138 (55 GL)
  • 10139 (35 GL)
  • 10140 (20 GL)
  • 9875 (5 GL)

Appropriate Uses

Typical Applications

The Enforcer - Phosphoric Acid Based De-Scaler

The Enforcer is a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors, penetrants and phosphoric acid that is tough at removing built-up layers of scale, lime, rust and greasy grime. Yet, its mild formula won’t harm ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Use The Enforcer for HVAC cooling towers and boilers typically used in large industrial facilities, manufacturing, office buildings, lodging, retail, health care, airports, schools and universities.
  • Dissolves and removes lime, scale and mineral deposits
  • Cleans away dirt, grease and grime
  • Prevents rust and oxidation
  • Safe on most metals, including aluminum, copper and stainless steel
  • Maintains system efficiency to lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduces downtime and repairs
  • Compatible with other treatment products so that you can tailor treatments to your specific needs

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