Professional Snow and Ice Removal Solutions

Updated November 2, 2023

Snow and Ice Management for Maintenance Professionals

Let’s start with the most basic of all snow and ice management solutions, Rock Salt! Most users of professional ice melt have learned that while cheap, Rock Salt isn’t a particularly efficient solution. If you’re in Texas or southern Georgia, then rock salt works fine. In areas that get snow infrequently and the temperature doesn’t drop below 21 degrees - saltwater’s freezing temperature -  Rock Salt is a solid option. But overall, there’s a wide variety of professional ice melt options that will do a better job and cause far less collateral damage to cars, roads, sidewalks, and the environment in general.

Having a global view of all the relevant ice melt products is how you can choose the best professional snow and ice management solution. This, along with understanding the application area’s latitude and weather patterns, the average days of snowfall and icy conditions, and how narrow roads and streets, are lets you turn the entire question into a math problem to figure out the absolute best product for the circumstances! Even then, you’ll find that there’s a multitude of good options for commercial ice melt and professional snow and ice management.

For many years, the most reliable solution was either calcium chloride or ice melt brine made from calcium chloride. When mixed with water there is an exothermic reaction, more specifically a catalytic reaction to calcium chloride, where water becomes the generator of heat! Continental Research created a blend that became known as the industry standard commercial ice melt which we called “Grade 5 calcium chloride Melt Away”. We felt that too much calcium chloride would do the job of keeping ice melted below -50 degrees but was so caustic that it would also damage dispensing equipment and pavement. Plus, the residual could lead to corrosion. Of course, there are some places in North America that see plenty of the kind of weather where such measures are needed. However, the rule of thumb is that if you don’t live in a place with extreme winters (think Grand Forks, ND or Saskatchewan Canada) it just doesn’t make sense to use such a high of a concentration of any ice melting solution.  

Professional Ice Melt Solutions When You Need Industrial Strength Products.

To combat the problem of uncontrolled concentrations in ice management products, we developed our own line of professional ice melt solutions. Continental’s proprietary ice melt – Melt Away - was designed for the middle zone which ranges approximately from the southern border of Canada to the Mason/Dixon line at the 32nd parallel. Our commercial ice melt is comprised of pellets rather than flakes in order to concentrate it all into one “craggy little ball that has Velcro like stick-to-it-ness.” Each individual pellet bores its own small hole, weakening ice’s structural integrity, and then remains liquified under the snow and ice! This makes it much easier to scrape and remove any ice with a plow or even just a shovel. With Melt Away’s exothermic properties, it goes to work immediately and will work in temperatures down to -25 degrees. Plus, Melt Away is safer than the most highly concentrated calcium chloride ice melt!

Another formula we've developed has a combination of several ingredients which in concert work with similar effectiveness to our Melt Away but is less expensive. Thermosyn is a blend of calcium, potassium, sodium chlorides and trademarked “Urea Max.” A special feature of Thermosyn is that it contains a dye in the Urea Max that allows the user to see where they have broadcast it already, so it’s difficult to use ‘too much’. Thermosyn is user-friendly, delivers quick results, and remains effective even in temperatures as low as -21 degrees. Because of Thermosyn’s lower price and particular efficacy in places that get modest or only intermittent snow, its popularity has made it our top selling ice melt! 

In addition to ice melt, Continental formulated Pro-Tec Plus, a liquid ice preventer that can be applied before anticipated snow and ice. Pro-Tec Plus keeps ice and snow from bonding to surfaces like steps, handrails, sidewalks, and pavement. Pro-Tec Plus is ideal for application on areas that freeze-over and become slip and fall spaces where an extra degree of preparedness and caution is warranted. People often stretch their bang for the buck by adding Pro-Tec Plus to cinders or lava rock to add some grip to their ice melt spray.

Our most recent addition to the Continental line of winter products is Winter Rinse. Regardless of which ice melt solution best suits your specific needs, all ice melt solutions create a film on vehicles, road plowing equipment, pavement and salt spreaders. This film does not wash off with soap and water because it’s an inorganic calcification that requires a unique solution to remove it. Winter Rinse really gets the job done and has been an integral part of our 3 step process for corrosion prevention. All you need to do is dilute Winter Rinse in water at a ratio of 20 x 1 and then apply to the affected surface. Let it work for 5 minutes without agitation and then hose off with water. Then you can go about cleaning your vehicles as you normally would using any quality industrial degreaser. Remember to do this several times as each rain activates the brine or other ice melt solution on the roadways and reattaches to your rolling stock.

Best Snow and Ice Management Solutions to Prevent Slips and Falls

Continental Research carries many winter products designed for snow and ice management. Fortunately, we have developed solutions specifically regarding slip and fall protection, snow removal, and vehicle washes.

Slik and Big Slik both fall into the category of snowplow wax. To be clear there is NO wax in these products but there are advanced resins and polymers that functions as release agents and don’t allow snow and ice to stick to the metal of snowplow, shovels and other snow removal implements. You use Slik and Big Slik to prevent ice build-up. These solutions are designed to keep the equipment you need most during winter in working condition!

Melt Away De-Icer is Continental’s aerosol windshield and lock de-icer. This industrial strength aerosol solution is designed to remove ice and snow build-up on windshields, windows, locks, mirrors, handrails, and other surfaces. What’s more – Melt-Away De-Icer is safe for enamel paints, glass, chrome, rubber, and concrete. When you need an industrial strength aerosol de-icer that gets the job done fast, Melt Away De-icer will not disappoint!

Popular Winter Maintenance Solutions for Maintenance Professionals

There’s more to winter products than commercial ice melt, de icer spray and general snow and ice management. Continental Research carries a complete and robust number of other winter product items directly tied to ice and snow management. We’ve listed out the solutions that are popularly paired with commercial ice melting and snow management orders.

Kare is Continental’s battery terminal cleaner which also has an acid indicator that alerts you when your batteries need replacement, topping off the acid or changing out the terminals. Kare will keep your batteries protected despite extreme weather.

AG-2001 is an aerosol grease made with the same molybdenum and other natural & synthetic components as our bulk grease. It sprays out as a thin liquid. As the propellant dissipates, the grease becomes thicker providing real lubrication where there is no fitting for bulk grease.

Tefla-Pent is a 4-way penetrating oil that lubricates, busts frozen or corroded nuts and bolts, and displaces moisture. Tefla-Pent also acts as a protective coating for metal parts and electrical connections, both in & on your equipment, as well as on the shelf in the tool crib. Additionally, Tefla-Pent does a great job of cleaning grease and other debris from motor windings and has a dielectric strength of 21,600 volts!

Graf is an aerosol graphite lubricant that is completely dry in just minutes. Graf is particularly important for lubricating the post on the wench that raises and lowers the snowplow. Graf is also great for coating the funnel of the bins and the spinner on snowplow hoppers.

Similarly, Moly Coat is equally good for this application, so it just comes down to whether you prefer molybdenum or graphite.

When it comes to commercial ice melting and snow management solutions there is a lot to cover. Each facility or maintenance team may need a different, unique solution to fit their unique problem. If you have any question regarding professional ice melt or snow management solutions, speak with an expert today!

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