Touch-Less Urinal Brightener and Drain Cleaner

Touch-Less uses a powerful, yet safely contained compound to clean, deodorize, and descale urinal drains.


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  • 47709 (6/Case)

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  • Porcelain

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Touch-Less - Urinal Brightener and Drain Cleaner

Touch-Less is one of the most unique and powerful products in the janitorial industry. It safely removes years of calculus buildup in urinal plumbing and prevents new mineral deposits from forming. It also eliminates a major source of urinal odors and has a light fresh scent. It’s the effortless way to clean, descale, and deodorize even the toughest urinal drains. Save cleaning time and plumbing costs when you install Touch-Less in your urinal.
  • Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of build-up and prevents new build-up from forming
  • Prevents costly plumbing bills from blocked pipes
  • Eliminates a major source of urinal odors deep in pipes and emits a light, fresh scent
  • Simple, quick installation. No tools, tapes, or screws required
  • Refill cartridge for fast servicing
  • No metal parts to deposit rust or scratch porcelain
  • In-urinal placement discourages vandalism

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