Triple Play Quaternary Odor Eliminator

Discover a truly exceptional solution for vanquishing a wide range of unpleasant odors with our unique product.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 08141 (Aerosol)

Appropriate Uses

  • Air Freshener

Typical Applications

Triple Play - Total release malodor neutralizer

Triple Play is the ultimate solution for neutralizing a wide range of malodors while leaving behind a delightful citrus fragrance. Triple Play contains Quaternary Ammoniums which are common components in broad spectrum EPA registrations. This powerful formula effectively eliminates unpleasant smells stemming from urine, feces, decay, rancidity, animals, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking, and other offensive odors. With each can capable of neutralizing odors in spaces of up to 6,000 cubic feet, Triple Play is your go-to choice for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Unlike mere cover-ups, Triple Play goes beyond the surface, chemically destroying odor molecules to completely eliminate offensive smells. Say goodbye to worries about wetness, staining, or residue—Triple Play not only freshens stale air and fabrics but also deodorizes the area, leaving it with a revitalizing and clean scent.


Versatile Application: The two-way valve allows you to lock it down for a complete discharge, turning Triple Play into a room fogger, or lightly depress for short bursts of spray, providing flexibility in application.

Clean and Dry: Our non-staining, dry spray ensures there's no wet fallout on floors or furniture, guaranteeing a mess-free experience.

Captivating Citrus Fragrance: Enjoy the pleasant citrus fragrance that not only neutralizes but uplifts the environment, effectively combating hundreds of malodors.

Environmentally Compliant: Triple Play meets all current VOC standards, ensuring a responsible and eco-friendly choice.

Choose Triple Play for a transformative experience that doesn't just mask odors but eradicates them, leaving your surroundings smelling fresh, clean, and revitalized.

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