No Bite Bands Insect Repelling Bands

Insect repelling wearable bands in life extending pods.


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  • 47059 (12/Tub)

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No Bite Bands - Insect Repelling Wearable Bands

    No Bite Wearable Bands are the most convenient way to create an all-natural barrier around you for protection from insects. Infused with all-natural Geraniol, simply put one on your wrist, ankle, belt loop or hat band and the Geraniol vapors will give the signal for insects to keep away.
    • DEET-free & Child safe
    • Water and sweat resistant
    • Provides a 10 ft. protective barrier
    • Active up to 120 hours when resealed in life extending pod
    • Break-away strap
    • Both band and pod are recyclable
    • 12 individually sealed bands come packaged in a convenient tub 

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